Is It OK To Wear Clip In Hair Extensions Every Day?

Attention! Attention! Attention! Today we will burst the myths of hair extension bubble, debunking common misconceptions you may have heard.

This article is especially for first-time buyers or for those who are new to the world of real hair clip-in extensions.

What Are The Clip-In Human Hair Extensions?

In the past few years, human hair extensions are widely used for making your own hair look voluminous and fuller. The human hair weft is manually or mechanically attached to the clips that hide under your natural hair to enhance hair volume and density without damaging your natural hair.

These easy to remove clips are professionally made to protect your hair from the stress and strain of daily styling.

Natural Hair Clip-Ins Is One Hundred Safest Options 

It is a myth that clip-in extensions will leave your hair damaged, broken and extremely, thin if you wear them regularly. 

Clip-in hair extensions, however, are the safest form of extensions that you can wear for most extended hour possible but remove them before taking a shower a going to bed.

Unlike permanent hair extensions, clip-in extensions can be worn daily or removed without involving the risk of pulling and discomfort in your natural hair.

Hair Extension Clips Cause Zero-Damage And Traces In Your Natural Tresses

Let's face that, wearing the best clip in hair extensions throughout the day cause no issues of weft or tracks showing through. 

Hiding clips in your safe zone and grabbing enough here to cover the weft will indeed blend hair extensions with your natural hair.

We are being real here; clipping additional hair on to your head might feel heavier than usual. Nowadays, you can buy a seamless collection of real hair clip in extensions, ideal for sensitive scalp with zero headache problems.

After wearing clip in hair extensions, your natural hair cuticles can breathe easily and fix thin hair problem. 

Game of Installing Clip-In Extensions Is As Easy As Eating Pie

Another common misconception about hair extension is that they won't blend in and demand professional help to learn more about styling and clipping. 

Trust us, and once you choose the right set of hair extensions for your hair, you need to practice clipping them in (use easy resources like YouTube channel) to achieve the hair of your dreams right at home.

Nowadays, different hair extensions brands upload step by step guide for how to clip in extension for short or thin hair.

Say No To Professional Salons For Styling And Coloring

The best part about clip in human hair extension is that they do not need professional salon care or maintenance. If you take good care of your set yourself, just like your own natural hair, ensure the extensions live a long and healthy life.

Of course, all hair extensions - and hair, demands regular care for maintaining their shape and shine. Like your hair extensions are also prone to some tangling but, if you gently brush them after removing or wash it after 15 to 20 wears, then they can generally last up to 3 to 6 months or years.


When are you committed to taking good care of your hair extensions, then who is the real winner? It's you because you will enjoy the benefits of wearing long, luscious and healthy hair whenever you desire to go out.

Now you know all the tip and tricks to keep hair extension myths at bay.