The Best Way to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

We're sure that most of you will agree on how hair extensions are no less than a blessing in disguise. These silky, thick tresses give your hair the volume, thickness, and shine that it needs to help you stand out from the crowd. However, just like your natural hair, clip-in hair extensions need to be taken care of as well.

Your clip-in extensions need to be brushed, shampooed, and dried just like your own hair. However, all of this maintenance needs to be done quite carefully as these seamless clip-in hair extensions are very dainty, and they can become damaged in no time, which is why we have brought you the best tips and tricks to properly take care of your hair extensions.

1. When to Stop Using Your Hair Extensions?

Like most things, clip-in hair extensions have an expiry date as well. You can only use them during a time frame of three to six months as it's best suggested to get new ones after at least half a year.

You must remember that your own hair gets its nourishment from your roots, and while your extensions might be made from real hair, they need to be moisturized or treated to hot oil treatments to make sure that they stay smooth and shiny since they too are being constantly styled and heated.

2. Brushing Your Extensions

Brushing your extensions is just as important as brushing your own hair. However, as stated earlier, your hair is attached to your roots, which makes them well-nourished and strong enough to not break off by excessive brushing or a harsh tug of the hairbrush.

Therefore, you must be very gentle while brushing your extensions, as any harsh brushing will damage the extensions. You should always brush your extensions only after you have taken them off, as brushing them while having them on will only damage them.

3. Washing the Extensions

Now, this is the most important part as your extensions need to be washed and cleaned just like your real hair. Your clip-in hair extensions also become dirty and greasy due to the extensive use of hair products, and you must shampoo and condition them as often as you can.

However, you must always make sure to never shampoo your extensions while wearing them. If you want to clean your clip-in hair extensions, you will first take them off and then wash them separately with a shampoo followed by mild conditioning, as cleaning them while wearing them will only damage them.

4. Careful Product Selection

The shampoo, conditioners, and other products that you use to wash and treat your extensions must be mild and gentle as harsh products with alcohol or sulfates will damage them.

5. Final Word

Clip-in hair extensions are the answer to all our hair issues as they will take your hair from an average of 5 to a solid 10! However, you must take care of your extensions properly to make sure that they last long enough.