Tips To Blend Hair Extensions With Short Hair Seamlessly

Many women chop off their mane for convenience. There is no denying that short hair is easy to maintain if you are too busy with your job and family. What if you want to sport different hairstyles for fun? There is no point in regretting, and you cannot grow your hair overnight. There is an easy way out – clip-in hair extensions.

How to use natural hair clip-ins on short hair

You may have been over-enthusiastic when you opted for a lob or blunt, but what to do if you want to sport long hair once in a while? The real hair clip-in extensions provide an easy solution to your problem. You can get long and thick hair whenever you want without compromising the health of your natural hair. But yes, blending short hair with clip-ins is a little tricky, and you may need time to learn it. Here are a few tips from hair experts that will make your job easier.

Blending natural hair with Remy hair – the challenges ahead

Before getting on with the task, let’s see what are the challenges you have to face.

Your natural hair should be at least 3-4 inches so that the clip-ins can be attached to it. The clip-in hair extensions must blend with the color of your natural hair.

So, keeping these things in mind, choose real hair clip-in extensions so that attaching them to your hair becomes easy.

Tips to blend hair extensions with short hair seamlessly

The greatest problem that you face when fixing hair extensions is to conceal the small strands of hair at the nape of the neck. To solve this issue, tie your hair leaving only a small section at the bottom. After backcombing these strands, braid them and fix them to the neck. Now, attach the first set of hair extensions here for a seamless look.

To achieve a natural look, you have to cover the maximum portion of your original hair with hair extensions. So, when fastening the hairpieces, go up to the top.

Another trick that you can apply is to buy Remy clip-in hair extensions in two colors and fix them alternately on your head. If your original hair is multi-toned or highlighted, this will achieve two objectives. Firstly, it will give depth and dimension to your hair, making you look stunning. Secondly, it will create a genuine appearance with natural highlights.

Take a brush or comb and tease the ends of those hair strands on which you are going to attach the hair extensions. This will create a shelf that will hold your clip-ins securely.  

Have you ever tried stacking the wefts on top of each other? For people with short hair, this is a great tip to make the hair look more voluminous. If you are using wefts in different colors, you can add more colors to your crown to grab eyeballs. Of course, this trick works well with single-colored wefts also.

To look amazing in your natural hair clip-ins, fix shorter hair extensions in the front. They will frame your face beautifully, making you look pretty and also merge well with your natural hair.

If you are not confident of cutting your hair extensions on your own, take them to your hairstylist, who can style them to suit your face.

For a more natural look, fix a few individual wefts behind your ears. Wave or curl the ends of the hair extensions along with your own hair for a seamless look.

These are a few tips and tricks that work well with short hair. With the best clip-in hair extensions, you can do wonders with your hair and flaunt different styles to steal the show.