4 Tips for Wearing Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair; if you've got it, flaunt it, and if you don't have enough, just clip it on. The main thing is to have a head full of shiny locks that give you the perfect, drool-worthy feminine appeal. You can add length, volume, and a pop of color to your natural hair by wearing hair extensions, and the best part is the countless options you get to choose from.

While there are different lengths and colors of extensions in the market today, there are two main designs of hair extensions, which include clip-in hair extensions and fusion extensions. However, clip-ins are the most popular choice to date because of their easy application and removal. While we love how we look with our new hair, have you ever wondered how long you could wear these extensions?

1. Sleeping in Clip-in Extensions

We believe the cut off time for wearing hair extensions would have to be bedtime. While it's okay for you to keep them on as long as you're up and about, the minute you lay down for prolonged rest, the extensions start acting up. Since these extensions are clip-ins, they have been attached to your hair, and sleeping in them can damage your hair.

You change sides, move around while you sleep, and the extensions will only pull on your hair, causing a lot of hair fall and damage. Furthermore, these extensions were made to be removed before bed since they are super easy to attach and remove from your hair, which is why we don't see the need for you to wear them to bed, especially if you're sleeping alone.

Furthermore, the hair in the hair extensions is also attached to the clips, and if there's a lot of movement and turning during sleep, the extensions could end up getting damaged as well. There have been several cases where the hair just comes off from the clip, and it would be impossible to reattach, making your extensions completely useless.

2. The Lifetime of Clip-in Extensions

Clip-in extensions are lifesavers as they are easy on the pocket and last a good six months before needing new ones. However, your extensions can last longer if you manage to take good care of them. While most hair extensions are made from human hair, they aren't attached to the real human scalp and are attached to clips.


Because your natural hair is part of your body, it keeps getting nutrients and oils, but the extension hair becomes damaged and prone to breakage if it's not treated externally due to the lack of natural care. Therefore, we suggest you regularly brush your extensions, so they don't get tangled up and shampoo them to make sure they stay neat and clean. All these hair care will improve the lifespan of your hair extensions.

3. Taking Care of Your Extensions

It’s important to be mindful of when you’re wearing your extensions because any unconscious scalp scratching will damage your extensions. Moreover, you should avoid all sorts of intense physical activity while wearing your extensions as you will sweat, and sweating is also damaging for your extensions. Your clip in human hair extensions needs a lot of care if you want them to last a long time.

4. Final Word

Clip-in hair extensions are our answer to numerous hair problems. They last a long time, and they do the job by giving our hair additional length, volume, and color. While most extensions last around six months, it's up to us to maintain and increase the lifetime of our clip in human hair extensions by taking good care of them.