Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Hair is the God-gifted crown that every man and woman is born with. Your hair can make or break your entire look, especially when it comes to females. It is important for all the ladies out there who want to have those thick luscious locks on their heads to look and feel good. However, not everyone has the best hair naturally. Fortunately, the secret that once exclusive to the red carpets is now accessible to regular people.

We are talking about hair extensions that have come such a long way since their invention. The hair extensions these days can be styled, colored, and cut according to your preferences and they can be washed and treated like regular hair. However, many people still wonder if they are worth it? Keep reading to find out if hair extensions do more harm to hair than good.

● The Thickness of the Extension

There are various lengths and thicknesses of extensions available today. You need to see the kind of extensions that would suit you best. For instance, if you have light hair, those lighter extensions would be easier to blend in with your natural hair and be gentler on your head.

A heavy extension would only add weight to your hair, making them prone to breakage and hair fall. It is commonly stated that the weight of any extension should not be more than two hundred grams. Therefore, you should be wise while making your choice.

● How to Wear the Extensions?

There are different ways to wear other extensions. For example, one type of extension, known as the keratin extensions, can only be worn by attaching them with the melted keratin of your hair. Yikes! Talk about intense hair damage. While these extensions stay on your head for a longer time, they indeed leave permanent damage on your natural hair.

● Proper Handling of the Extensions

It is imperative to take care of something to make sure it lasts for a longer time and keeps working correctly. Your hair extensions must be washed, cleaned, and brushed thoroughly, just like your natural hair. However, one has to be careful with them as rough washing or scalp massaging while wearing extensions can lead to intense hair fall and scalp damage.

You must remember that the extensions are not your hair and similarly treat them. Furthermore, one must be gentle while brushing their hair with extensions since both the hair can become tangled and create a painful situation for you.

● Duration for Wearing Extensions

All extensions must be attached properly, and it should be made sure to remove your clip-in extensions before sleeping since they are not permanent and are more prone to damaging your hair if left on while sleeping.

A temporary extension must be taken off every day, whereas a permanent extension must be renewed every three to four months. The micro bead extensions are trendy these days because they are applied without heat, and they can be taken off quickly without any help.

● Final Word

There are various types of hair extensions available in the market these days, and whether the extension will damage your hair or not depends upon the kind of extension you buy, where you buy it from, how you wear it, and how to handle or maintain it.

One thing is for sure; you must never compromise on the quality of the extensions you purchase since high-quality extensions will never damage your hair.