Virgin Human Versus Remy Hair Extentions: How Diffrent Are They

So you are ready and excited to enter the fascinating world of hair extensions. Terms like virgin hair and Remy hair are common and often confusing when you shop for them. If you want to take the confusion away and become a conscious and self-aware consumer, this is just the right stop.

Read on to know everything about the virgin and Remy hair extensions

What is Virgin Human Hair Extension?

As the name suggests, virgin hair is untouched and free from any chemical treatment. To qualify as virgin hair, the hair needs to adhere to strict quality standards. It needs to be free from coloring, perming, bleaching or any other chemical processes to alter it. Further, the virgin hair needs to originate from a single donor. A 100% virgin hair must have its cuticles in alignment as well. If any of these characteristics are missing from the extension, it ceases to be 100% virgin human hair.

What is Remy Hair Extension?

 Remy hair extensions are those where like the virgin hair the cuticles are undamaged and not stripped, but from different donors. This type of hair extension undergoes some mild chemical procedures like steaming, which gives the hair extension a particular look and texture. In a Remy hair extension set, all the cuticles of single hair strand are unidirectional leaving it tangle-free and natural looking.

 How Are They Different?

When it comes to virgin human hair and Remy hair extensions, there is a lot of doubt surrounding them. Both are extremely similar but have a few key differences that set them apart from each other. 

  • Source of origin: Virgin human hair extension comes from a single donor. Remy hair extension on the other hand comes from multiple donors.
  • Affordability factor: Virgin hair extensions are comparatively heavier on your pocket than Remy.
  • Longevity and maintenance: Since virgin hair is minus any chemical treatment, it involves a greater amount of work towards its maintenance. They can last up to more than a year with diligent maintenance and care. On the other hand, Remy extensions can last up to 6 months with basic care.
  • Color choices: Since each virgin human hair extension is harvested from a single donor, the choice in terms of color and texture gets limited. Remy hair on the other hand scores high in this department. It offers a wide range of options of hair color, shades, and texture. The choices available are what makes fun shopping for Remy hair. 
  • Hair thickness: When it comes to hair thickness, Remy hair extensions are superior vis a vis virgin hair. The former have thicker and even strands than the latter.   
  • Degree of purity: If you are looking for a high degree of purity, virgin hair extensions are just for you. Since they are untouched by any chemical treatment, they are purer than the Remy hair extensions. 
  • Uniformity in appearance: Sourced from a single donor, there is a higher degree of uniformity in its appearance in virgin human hair extensions.
  • Softer texture: Virgin human hair is comparatively softer than the Remy.

Hair extensions are not just hair accessories, they enhance your overall appearance manifold. Both virgin human hair and Remy hair extensions come with their own sets of advantages and shortfalls. Now that you know all about it, you are better equipped to explore the hair extension market and make an informed choice.