6 Ways To Keep Your Remy Hair Extensions Soft, Moisturized, And Shiny

If you love to sport different hairstyles, getting Remy hair extensions is a good idea. You can try different looks and turn heads everywhere you go. However, you have to maintain the hair extensions with proper care so that they remain soft and shiny.

How to keep your Remy hair extensions soft, moisturized, and shiny

Experts opine that you should follow a hair care routine for your Remy hair just the way you do it for your original hair. So, you should keep them clean, moisturized, and provide nutrition so that they shine and look soft and silky.

1. Keep your Remy hair extension clean

The best thing about Remy hair is that it is low maintenance. Also, it doesn’t require much care. However, you have to clean your Remy extension to get rid of odor and styling residue.

Before washing, brush the extension to remove the tangles. Use a wide-toothed brush gently to detangle the hair and afterward, wash it with a mild shampoo. Avoid brushing wet hair to protect the hair follicles.

After washing, air-dry the hair extensions. Take a few drops of coconut or almond oil and apply gently on the wet hair. This will moisturize the extension and give it a shiny look.

2. Style with care

Women use Remy hair extensions to don different styles. They are easy to fashion, and you can use styling appliances like iron, hair drier, and curler on them. To increase the life of your hair extension, do not use too much heat. Apply a heat protecting cream before styling the hair. And also, set the appliance to the lowest heat setting to cause minimum damage to the hair.

3. Brush Remy hair extensions properly

Like your natural hair, you should brush your Remy hair extensions regularly to prevent tangling. Always use a wide-toothed brush or a loop brush to comb your Remy hair. Start from the end and comb up with gentle and small strokes. Be careful not to tear the hair strands or force the comb.

4. Choose products wisely

Always remember that Remy hair is made from human hair and hence, choose only those products that your own hair can withstand. Stay away from shampoo and styling products that contain alcohol. Sulfate is also not good for your hair as it dries it. Invest in shampoos that do not have sulfate. Natural shampoos and conditioners without chemicals are best for your Remy extensions.

If you love to color your hair, you can try different shades on your Remy hair also. To prevent damaging the Remy hair and to extend its life, consult a professional. Before getting the hair dyed, color a single strand and go ahead if you are satisfied with the result.

5. Swimming with your Remy hair

Remy hair extensions work like natural hair and give you the freedom to follow your usual lifestyle. If you love swimming or are a beach person, you would want to hit the pool more often. Remy hair is safe for swimming in a pool or ocean, but you have to be extra careful to protect them from the chlorine and salt.

After getting out of the pool, wash off the hair with cold water, and apply a mild shampoo to remove the salt to protect the cuticles. Afterward, use a natural oil to moisturize the hair and also to restore its shine.

6. How to maintain shiny and soft Remy hair extension

To get the shine on your Remy hair, go for deep conditioning once a week. Use natural oils like olive or almond to keep the hair soft and glossy. Using a leave-in conditioner will moisturize the hair and give it a nice shine.

Follow these six steps to keep your Remy hair extension soft, silky, and moisturized. They are easy to follow and will also extend the life of the hair extension.