Balayage on brown and dark hair

Wish to brighten up the winter blondes? Many hair-color trends come and go. However, differentiating amongst the color and choosing the one that stays is a big deal.

Balayage on brown hair and balayage on dark hair was very popular in 2014 and its popularity stayed that way. It happens to be one of those colors that never go out of style. The technique is much in the hair trend of the past decade.

What is Balayage?

beauty with long blonde balayage on her dark brown hair

Balayage is responsible for the effortless and beach color that you see all over red carpets and Instagram. The way this color looks is a self-portrayal of its popularity.

The term Balayage comes from the French word "Balayer" which means to sweep. The term refers to the way the color is applied and not the color. The color is applied in such a way that it creates a more graduated and natural-looking look. It offers the same fun color and dimensions. 

Talking in simple words, balayage hair is a highlighting technique that does not use foils. Rather, the hair colorist hand-paints the color directly onto the hair. It creates a more sun-kissed, blended, and natural color. Although it has a softer effect, it also gives your colorist more control. 

Why is Balayage Very Popular?

Balayage hair requires less maintenance than other hair colors. The process is organized to give the look of grown-out roots in a way that it looks natural and flattering instead of skunk and stark. That gives less time and money spent at the salon. Also, less damage is done to the hair.

beauty with long light brown balayage hair on her black hair

It is trendy. Celebrities like Chrissy Tigen and Kardashians have brought this hair color trend to the spotlight. With celebrities using balayage, the masses have started loving it. If you search for the hash-tag "balayage" or "balayage on dark hair", you will get more than 20 million results on Instagram.

Why Do Hair Colorists And Clients Love Balayage?

It is important for developing all those blended-drink-inspired colors like raspberry bourbon and brown ale. The most loved thing about balayage is that it can be subtle and soft. It can also be amped up using bright and bold coloring. Balayage on dark hair or brown hair will give you a universally flattering effect.

woman with Brown and Burgundy Balayage hair color

Talking about its versatility, balayage is loved by colorists and clients alike because it takes away the trouble of maintaining it like in the case of traditional highlights. It looks more effortless. 

Balayage hair gives you a better grow-out period. A traditional highlight needs to touch up hair re-growth every eight weeks. With Balayage on brown hair or light brown hair, you can stretch it to 12 weeks.

It can be customized. Every balayage look is different. The color, placement, and gradation is based on the hair texture, color, and length. 

Balayage can be personalized for each client to soften facial features and highlight. A good hairstylist takes into consideration the skin tone of the client and natural base color to specify which ones will work best. 

Ombre and Balayage

Ombre refers to shaded from dark to light. Therefore, balayage is a technique used to create an ombre. Nonetheless, if you ask for an ombre at any local salon, they will mostly end up lightening the hair. The color will start lightening on the hair shaft. As a result, the ends of the hair get very light with ombre in comparison to balayage. 

When balayage is done, the strands are sparingly painted. The hair that is dyed blends up higher into the hair.

Balayage gives lightness with a softer, more blended and combined appearance. There is no line of demarcation, harsh line or colors or striping. Balayage typically eliminates any telltale lines of color.

Face-Frame Highlights

Girl get a Brunette Lob hair style with Subtle Face-Framing Highlights

Face framing highlights is another trend for this season, right? It is something that draws attention right to your face. You could always go for a throwback chunky highlight but swirls of color look much more delicate. You can get the hair color in the above picture with our chocolate brown blonde highlight clip in hair extensions.

Balayage On Brown Hair

If you want to remove your brunette brown hair without making a big change, attempt balayage on brown hair highlights. Keeping the base dark with some soft balayage highlights will do the work. Subtle gloss will also enable you to add more shine to a pale brunette and remove any unwanted red tones.

  • Golden Peach Balayage

    beauty get a golden peach balayage hair color

    Peach hair is very trending right now. For attaining a more natural take on the trend, you can take a pretty swirly ginger look.

  • Pink Paste

    girl get a pink pastel balayage hair color

    If you wish to use a fun color without using the entire head, a pastel balayage is a further sophisticated option for balayage on brown hair. This color is a little high-maintenance. In their case, using an ordinary shampoo will not do the task. Use shampoo especially for color-treated hair.

Balayage On Dark Hair

  • Tweed Hair

    woman get a tweed balayage hair color

    Nowadays, people are moving away from the more defined ombre which was in trend earlier. Instead, women are asking for tweed hair, nearly subtle highlights that are evenly distributed. In tweed hair, contrast is still present. This rich brown with golden balayage piece looks stunning.

  • Bold Spirals

    girl get a curly brown balayage hair color

    If you wish to put some dimension to your curls without much change, do bright highlights. This color looks good on thicker and dark hair. The lighter ribbons of color give separation to highlight beautiful natural textures.

  • Sun-Kissed Balayage

    woman get a sun-kissed balayage hair color

    When it starts getting hot outside, you can never go wrong with classic face-framing highlights. Even if you opt for higher-contrast shades, the hair feels natural, as the sun is most likely to lighten the portions by your face. Our brown buttery blonde highlight clip in hair extensions have similar color to the model in the above picture.

  • Root Blur Balayage

    girl get a root blur blonde balayage on her dark brown hair

    Color that grows out easily is understandably one of this year's top trends. A nice way to achieve this is with a blurred root. Muting the hair color near your roots enables to alleviate high-maintenance hair color by developing a more blended grow-out. Touch-ups are just needed twice a year. The look also gives an intentional and fresh feel.

Final Words

You probably should not use Balayage at home. Balayage and tweed hair looks natural and effortless but balayage techniques are very precise. It requires a lot of practice and education and practice. Stay away from DIY and get it done by professionals.