Hacks from Professional Hairstylists to Make Thin Hair Look Voluminous

Having thick and luscious hair is the ultimate hair goal for most of the women. Beautiful looking hair enhances their overall personality. It is an important part of their appearance and sets the tone for their entire look.

A good hairstyle can definitely add up to your natural beauty. A good hair day can boost your mood and self-confidence whereas a bad hair day for a woman is like having a really bad day.

As per industry’s top hairstylists, hair is a subject that is very important to a woman and their self-esteem. It is seen as a reflection of her identity because it is both personal and public.

The length, texture and color of your hair can have an effect on how a person looks. Even scrolling through history we will see that hair had a major significance in the life of a woman. It is associated with their beauty and youthfulness. Every female desires long, shiny and smooth hair. Isn’t it?

There are a number of things that hair has symbolized for women all through ages, resulting in the importance of hair to each of them. These include femininity, beauty, identity and freedom.

The attractive and beautiful hairstyles that you have seen on the red carpet and television shows may make you wonder what it takes to accomplish such a look for yourself. The main reason behind such beautiful hair is most often a good hair care routine.

We know that hair changes along with other physical manifestations of aging but it still remains one of the most outward characteristics. With the right styling tricks and techniques you can attain a fuller and voluminous effect for your hair. If you want to a mega-voluminous look, your thin hair can pose some challenges.

Here Are A Few Tips, Tricks And Hacks From Professional Hairstylists For Creating The Appearance Of Thicker Hair :

  1. stylist is styling her client hair with iron tool

    Adding A Few Waves to Your Hair:

    Wavy looking hair gives an illusion of thicker and fuller hair as it increases the volume of fine hair. It is recommended that you prep your hair with a thermal protectant spray as it protects the hair strand from heat and also provides hold for a longer lasting curl. Velcro rollers can also be used for creating soft and bouncy curls.

  2. Using Hair Extensions

    Many women get long and full hair by wearing hair extensions. No matter what type, clip-ins, or tape-ins, you can get the desired length and volume of hair. But be sure, you should choose human hair extensions for a better-matched result.

  3. woman pointing to a part of her hair

    Changing Your Hair Parting Style:

    This is a perfect trick for people who have been wearing the same part for years, as it tends to get a bit wider over time. You can flip your part to the other side and see that the new part line looks denser. Instant volume and fullness can be added by simply going against the natural fall of your hair.

  4. lady is drying her balayage wavy hair

    Perfect Your Blow Dry:

    With the right technique of blow drying you can achieve a significantly fuller look. You should use a root volumizing product to prep the hair and then create loads of body using a heated styling brush. This is the best way to create volume and hold that fullness for long.

  5. lady is applying hair conditioner to her brown hair

    Choosing Your Hair Conditioner Carefully:

    Hair conditioner adds moisture and gives smooth fine hair. However, the ingredients of hair conditioners tend to be heavy and can weigh down the hair strands. Therefore, you should opt for conditioners with volumizing formulas. They are specially made to build the ultimate amount of body into each strand.

    Play Around With Your Hair Length And Choose The Right Haircut:

    Choosing the right haircut can create the illusion of thicker locks. Opt for hair length that will make your ends appear fuller rather than long hairstyles. Light layers haircut can give texture, movement and buoyancy to your hair.

  6. Using Root Concealer:

    The quickest way to create a fuller appearance at your crown can be achieved by root concealing sprays. They are highly recommended for masking exposed parts and thin hairlines.

  7. lady is braiding her hair up in the mirror prepare go to sleep

    Sleeping With Your Hair Up:

    You can wake up to thicker hair using this hack. You can wash and dry your hair before going to sleep and then twist it up into a high bun at the crown of your head. Just keep it loose and to avoid creasing. Take down your bun next morning and your thin hair will look voluminous.

    Have Fun With Your Hair By Adding Lowlights Or Highlights:

    Adding hair color develops a dimension in hair. Darker hair color creates more depth so you can enhance your natural color with lowlights. For some people sun-kissed highlights can provide warmth and texture into darker hair. These days, balayage is a popular hand-painted highlighting technique which gives best natural-looking and seamlessly blended hair color.

  8. Trim Your Hair Frequently:

    You will notice that your hair feels a bit thicker in the days after a trim with clean and fresh ends. Regular trims and split-end maintenance will avoid hair thinning of already thin hair strands.

  9. lady is combing her long blonde hair

    Using the Right Brush for Your Hair Type:

    It is very important to choose the right brush based on your individual hair type as all brushes are not created equally. People with fine and delicate strands should use brushes with gentle and soft. Investing in the right brush helps to maintain silkiness of your hair and also encourage scalp health.

Final Words:

Beautiful hair is considered a person’s natural jewelry. Hair is not only a sign of attractiveness in a person but also a mirror of their health. With proper nutrition and balanced diet you can do quite a bit for the beauty of your hair.

Thinning of hair can be frustrating for many women. These days a variety of long term hair loss solutions are available for women to help hair restoration. While most of such solutions take time, there are certain techniques to instantly make thin hair look thicker.

There are certain remedies that are available to help hair thickening which includes natural at-home methods and also haircut strategies to styling tricks for instant results. With a wide number of options you can choose the best trick that works for you to achieve that voluminous look.