8 tips to Care for Your Wavy Hair

Caring for our hair is definitely a big hassle. Many times, what we normally use does not suit our hair depending on the weather and other situations, and then it can make our hair extremely rough and damaged. While the struggle may be bearable for our straight hair girls, but people who have to deal with wavy hair just have it worse. Their hair type and the volume which comes with wavy hair may look pretty but caring for it is a whole different thing. Making wavy hair look and feel pretty while dealing with an extreme amount of dryness, frizz, and breakage can definitely be a challenge. We get the struggle; that is why we have come up with certain tips and techniques to care for your wavy hair. We will also point out certain mistakes which people make that can affect the way our hair is. If you got hair extensions to make your hair longer and fuller, these tips are also suitable for you.

woman brush her long blonde hair

Know How to Brush Properly

There is a misconception that we have to brush our hair starting from the top. If you brush your hair like that, then you will be more prone to breakage of hair. What you have to do is, start brushing from the ends and work up to the roots. This will prevent your hair from breaking, and it will loosen up all the knots and curls of your wavy hair. You can also brush like this when your hair is damp to prevent your hair from getting tangled up.

Dry your Wavy Hair the Right way

Oftentimes, what we do is, when we come out of the shower, we usually wrap our hair in a turban with a towel. What the towel does is, tangle up the hair even more. What you can do to prevent this is, dry your hair with the help of a cotton shirt or paper towel. Since there are no bumps in your cotton shirt, like there are in the towel, your hair will be less likely to break due to the roughness of the fabric. The same is with the paper towel; since the material is smooth, it will loosen up your hair so you can brush through them easily.

lady sleep on silk pillow

Your Pillow Matters

And since we are already talking about fabric, we should also talk about our pillows. We normally use cotton sheets as a pillow cloth, while cotton might help after a shower but sleeping on a cotton pillowcase creates more friction between our hair which can result in our hair being more tangled and knotted up. To avoid that, it is better to use silk as a pillowcase. We all have heard why silk is beneficial for our hair, but the main reason why it is good for our hair is that silk fabric creates less friction in our hair. When there is less friction in our hair, our hair usually stays combed and does not get all tangled up. You can also tie your hair in two separate braids; by doing this, you will not have to get ready in the morning; just take out the braids, and you will be presented with natural-looking wavy hair.

lady condition her wavy hair

Buying the Right Products

No amount of care can make your hair look pretty and healthy if you are not using the right products. Many times we are doing everything we can think of to protect and care for our hair, but we are using bad quality products. What does that do? Well, using bad quality products which are not suitable for your hair type can make your hair more damaged. For our wavy-haired girls, it is recommended that they use products that promise frizz reduction, moisturizes and nourishes the hair. If you are using a shampoo or conditioner, which makes your hair even drier, then your hair will fall off more quickly. So choose the products which are specifically for your hair to prevent hair damage.

lady blow-drying her hair

Diffuser to Dry your Hair

While blow-drying our wavy hair may make it more extreme and cause dryness, using a diffuser can actually help your dry your hair without these problems. The diffuser will automatically and evenly distribute the heat, which will make your hair seem more fluffy, and this can actually help you define your curls and waves even better. It will seem like you spend a lot of time fixing your hair while all you do is use a diffuser after a shower.

Use a Serum

Using extra products for your wavy hair can help tame them down. When you use a serum on your wavy hair, it can make your hair more nourished and moisturized. This can help you with hair breakage and can also make your wavy hair seem a little more combed and done. Make sure you are using the serum which suits your hair type, and try using some which promise nourishment and hydration to the roots of your hair. Taking care of the roots of your hair can help you manage your hair overall.

Stick to One Product

Many times our hair gets damaged when we switch to different products. In order to maintain a healthy volume and prevent damage to your hair, stick to one product that suits your hair type and only use that.

Deep Condition Your Hair Daily

Wavy hair can form tangles and become more prone to damage and breakage. To prevent that, deep condition your hair on day to day basis. Make sure that your conditioner is formulated in such a way that it can repair damaged hair and also reduce hair tangles and split ends.

What to Avoid

Oftentimes people make these mistakes without even knowing;

  1. Over cleansing your hair
  2. Using heat
  3. Using a brush to untangle hair
  4. Using products that involve sulphate

Final word

It may seem like doing a lot, but these tips can actually help you maintain and care for your wavy hair. So make sure that you are using the right products and avoiding anything which can damage your hair.