How to Dye Your Human Hair Extensions

You recently ordered your favorite clip-in human hair extensions and are excited to wear them and add a bit of color to your life! You unpack your human hair extensions, and God! You realize the hair extensions aren't quite the color you wanted. No, you don't need to spend your money and buy another pair of human extensions or ruin your mood over it. It is time to get a little creative, and trust us when we say that you can still add a little zing to your life! And yes, we have got you covered!

Things to Keep in Mind

You can really dye them in any of your preferred shades. It is going to be very normal and easy as long as you aim to dye your extensions to a darker shade or intend to give them a warmer color. This means that it is indeed a simple at-home technique. However, you do need to be particularly cautious when dying your human hair extensions a lighter shade. We recommend that you do not try dying them a lighter shade at all. However, if you want to, take our suggestion of seeking help from a stylist or a professional. Also, please keep in mind that this process is applicable only for 'human' hair extensions and not any other hair extensions you may have bought. This is because any synthetic hair extensions are made of plastic.

To test if your hair extensions are synthetic or human, you can do a little burn test. Take a small – minimum 3 inches long – piece of your hair extensions. Place a flame at one end and observe. If the hair catch fire and you smell something unpleasant, it is human! If, however, the hair melts, then it is synthetic. Please make sure that all cautions are strictly followed.

However, there are several other cautions that you need to take when dying different types of hair extensions:

micro ring remy hair extensions
  • Tapes

    If you have tape 'human' hair extensions, you can still easily dye your extensions. You will, however, have to avoid the tape area; otherwise, the attachment can easily be damaged.

  • Clip-ins Weaves and Wefts

    These are perhaps the easiest hair extensions to dye. However, you do need to be careful when dying them. Try to avoid the top part of your weaves since any tint there could damage the stitches and cause the hair extensions to fall apart. Be extra careful with hand-tied wefts since they are more delicate than machine-tied wefts. You should avoid dye seamless PU remy hair extensions, because hair dye can't penetrate the silicone strip, the part of hair under the silicone strip will remain its original color.

  • Bonds/Rings

    Tinting on the bonded area of the hair extensions will break down the Keratin and cause the hair to shed. Moreover, hair extensions tend to change shade more quickly compared to natural hair. Keep this in mind if you intend to dye both your natural hair and extensions; otherwise, your hair could look like a mismatched mess.

A Step-by-Step Guide

color swatches, mixing bowl and application brush for hair dye
  1. Gather your Supplies

    Things you might need include Hair Dye, Latex Gloves, and Developer. You can also get an applicator bottle from a nearby store or beauty salon. You should initially comb your hair extensions to make them tangle-free. If you intend to use any styling products on these extensions, make sure you wash them first.

    After washing and combing the hair extensions, make sure to dry them out completely. It should be noted that using a hairdryer is discouraged, and therefore your hair extensions should be kept to dry overnight. Additional supplies you should carry are tin-foil, plastic wrap, and a towel. Using a 10-volume developer is the best option, but you can use a 20-volume developer too if necessary. However, a 30 to 40 – volume developer can, in fact, damage your hair extensions.

  2. Mix the Colour

    Set up your supplies on a table with plenty of space; this will help keep things neat and tidy. You can use tin foils to cover your table space to prevent staining. Make sure your room is well-lit and cozy. Once your extensions are completely dry (never color them when they are wet), mix the color and developer in equal parts. It is wise to follow the directions mentioned on the dye. You should approximately use 3 to 5 ounces of the mixed and prepared color dye. You may, however, need more of the dye, considering the length of your hair extensions.

  3. Apply!

    You should use a color brush and gloves and coat your hair extensions with the dye. You should start with the top and then slowly make your way down. Make sure to cover all sides; You can use more of the dye to remain on the safe side. DO NOT apply the dye upwards: It could damage your extensions and leave them disheveled.

  4. Now Wait…

    Once you have successfully applied color to your hair extensions, put them down on the tin foil and cover them with plastic wrap. This will keep the color from drying out and allow the extensions to soak in the dye. Keep the extensions at room temperature for approximately 20 to 40 minutes. Recheck the extension sections every ten minutes. When you believe the process is complete, carry the extensions in the tin foil over to the sink for rinsing.

  5. Rinse and Let Dry

    Keep the dyed hair extensions under slightly cool water at low pressure and let the water flow down the hair. Use your fingers to gently let the excess dye out. Do this for around 15 to 20 minutes, and then shampoo your extensions with a color-safe/sulfate-free shampoo.

    Now keep the hair extensions down on a towel on a clean table and apply a leave-in conditioner on the hair extension sections. Gently comb the extension sections with a wide-toothed comb immediately afterward. You will then leave the extensions overnight to air-dry (do not use a hairdryer). In the morning, once your hair extensions are completely dyed and dried, you can use them for styling!

Final Word

You're now done with the hair extension dying process! Have fun wearing your newly colored hair and taking a new look at life! Just follow the steps we have summarised for you, and you will have fresh, newly-colored hair extensions to look forward to!!